Easy Fall Decorating

Home Improvement

Weekends filled with boardwalk strolls and late night water ice are behind us. Fall seemed to happen overnight, leaving little time to switch out our closets and prep our homes with mini pumpkins and fake fall leaves. With the new season bringing packed schedules of back to school nights and football games it can be easy to put off sprucing up for the new season before the snow starts to fall. So we have outlined some easy tips for fall decorating, that you can surely accomplish before you have to start shopping for Halloween candy.

1.       Start With What You Have

No need to go out and buy every pumpkin spice themed item you can get your hands on. Take a moment to go through the household decorations that you are already storing, inventory and evaluate what you want to keep and what needs replaced.  That way when you do head to your favorite home store you have a vision of what you are looking for and you are not sucked into buying anything that makes you think of apple cider and sheet ghosts. And bonus you can consider it your organizational task for the week.

2.       Keep It Simple

Starting from scratch, or trying to stick to a strict budget? No need to revamp every inch of your house. Add a few subtle yet warm items to each room. You can switch out kitchen items such as towels and refrigerator magnets with fall themed replacements. Switch your bathroom soap and candle for something with a seasonal scent, and pick an earthy toned hand towel. Add fall throw pillows to the couch and bedroom. And add some baskets of pine cones and dried apple potpourri around the house.If you stick to leaves and pumpkins and avoid too many ghosts and ghouls, you can utilize the same decorations all the way through Thanksgiving.

3.       DIY

If you are lucky enough to have received the crafty gene don’t be afraid to do it yourself. You can sew curtains for the new season, or create a wreath of fall leaves for the front door to welcome guests. With some digging on Pinterest mixed with trial and error there is no limit on the home decorations you can create yourself, allowing you to tailor each design to your personal style and specifications

4.       Double Task

Chances are in the next week or so you will need to stop at the grocery store. If the thought of shopping for candles and bath towels makes your head spin. Tackle your fall decor while you prep for tonight’s dinner. Grab some corn on the cob, a bushel of apples, and some pumpkins and squash, and you have not only the ingredients for a fall stir fry, but a way to bring the season indoors. Leave your purchases out in the kitchen and family room arranged in baskets and soon enough you will be ready for scary movie marathons and sweater weather.

5.       Don’t feel obligated

Our last tip is too not feel obligated to redecorate at all. Your home is your haven, and no season or article should pressure you into decorating it a way someone else sees fit. If you are not ready to say good bye to summer, or spend this time prepping stockings and snowflakes then enjoy every moment of your favorite season as you see fit.


Enjoy the falling leaves before the snow days are upon us, and check back soon for more home tips and real estate news!